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The benefits of earlier Propecia treatment

The benefits of Propecia treatment started after 2 and 5 years since hair loss begins.

The 5-year clinical study on Propecia demonstrates that the earlier you start the treatment after the moment when male hair loss begins - the better. That is so because permanent hair loss is progressive.

Actulally, there are two types of hair loss in men.

Temporary hair loss
Temporary hair loss can be caused by certain drug treatments (such as chemotherapy), stress, poor diet, or hormonal fluctuations. While some of these issues may resolve on their own (hair may grow back independently after chemotherapy, for example), the interim baldness can often be slowed and reversed more quickly by augmenting with finasteride.

Finasteride (or Propecia) is the most advanced treatment for preventing and even reversing baldness. This site answers all your questions about male pattern hair loss, how it happens and how Propecia can help.

Permanent hair loss
Permanent hair loss is more often the result of natural hormonal changes related to genetics and aging. Since changing diet or other lifestyle habits has no effect on this form of hair loss, treatment with Propecia provides the best solution with the most visible positive results

Propecia basic information

Propecia (also called finasteride) is one of the only FDA approved and effective medical treatments used to slow and even reverse male pattern hair loss.

This site will provide an overview of the drug, its history and side effects, and answer some common questions related to male pattern hair loss treatment.

Propecia (Finasteride) pack

  • How does it work?

    This medication affects specific hormone levels in the scalp which are directly related to the hair growth cycle. Over time, new hairs cease growing back in to replace hairs that are naturally lost at the end of their life cycle. Finasteride affects the hormones necessary to revive this regrowth process.

  • Propecia vs. Minoxidil

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